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The Dosha Life

Kelly Marie Mills

This podcast gives practical easy health, wellness and lifestyle tools plus timeless wisdom from Yoga and Ayurveda with Kelly Marie Mills, your host! You will find Mondays meditation and Fridays Relaxations! Plus Tuesdays weekly series episodes! History shows that beauty and health were a big part of our past as much as our present. Yoga and Ayurveda create simple steps to follow to build on what we have already and remove or reduce current imbalances. The ethos of Yoga and Ayurveda is for all beings to live our best life, with prosperity, health, enjoyment and freedom.Do you seeking something that will inspire you enough to wake feeling lighter? Ayurveda can do that, tweaking your lifestyle and diet and so many other cool small things to help yourself. Do you sometimes wake up and wonder what is your purpose? Yoga, in its traditional sense can help. Yoga is the science of the mind, it actually has alot less to do with the body, compared to Ayurveda! This podcast is aimed at strengthening our connection to contentment and our authentic being in a fun and quirky Kelly way! If I were to ask you what is it that you seek the most in your life, is the answer peace and happiness? Peace comes with gentle practices and slowing down in the right way for you body and mind. You will find Mondays meditation and Fridays Relaxations! Pluse Tuesdays weekly series episodes!Maybe you seek a bit of space and time for yourself?Ayurveda and Yoga are masters at helping us make space in our lives. I have often wondered in the past what is my purpose, and Yoga and Ayurveda had so many great ideas to offer me...that I fell in love with them. There is a world of knowledge ahead, including health secrets and mysteries to create sustainable balance. You will wake up every morning glad to start again. I look forward to chatting to you in the next episode. OH! Before you go, breathe out and smile. x

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