The Dosha Life

S8 E3 The Secrets of Sour

August 30, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 8 Episode 3
The Dosha Life
S8 E3 The Secrets of Sour
Show Notes

Who would have thought sour would be so important? Not I said the gal eating sour cherry chocolate!
Now sour is a taste none of us know we will miss until we dont get it anymore.
Your homework is:
#1. Eat the Sour lemons and limes. Find the sour breads...feel that tang. 
#2. Take very good note of what foods you like, and definitely not the things you do not like or that you just avoid altogether.
#3. Discover ahimsa in your sour moments. Discover ahimsa when someone makes you feel a burning tang in your mind. Note, breathe, smile.

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