The Dosha Life

S8 E1 Secrets of Eating with Ayurveda

August 16, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 8 Episode 1
The Dosha Life
S8 E1 Secrets of Eating with Ayurveda
Show Notes

Yah, off we go into the forest of foraging for all the different tastey experiences that life can provide for us.
Are you ready for this? Get you note pad will have some homework to do to help you process the heaps of cool information!

A reminder of your homework? Yah, I got your back gang! 
Here you go:
#1 Understand your taste buds with and without your sense of smell...find the synergy.
#2 Space is the final frontier - and the first frontier too. Make use of it. 
#3 How does the speed we live in affect our inner natural rhythm? Can you hear what your body needs when you race through the day....or will you make time to begin to listen to the most important being in your life? 
Big hugs x
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