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S7 E8 Chakra 7 Sahasrara, We Have No Borders

March 29, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 7 Episode 8
The Dosha Life
S7 E8 Chakra 7 Sahasrara, We Have No Borders
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Funny enough, we sort of end at the beginning- its such a human thing to feel that the material, what we see, feel and know…that this is the beginning of it all, that saying the be all and end all…

That is at least until we look into the horizon and realise that the beginning was far before this moment ever began. 

Sahasrara Relaxation/Meditation for Unity - Jump ahead to 08:14 - 

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This is the dosha life, a podcast for wellness seekers and happiness curators interested in tools tip and remedies coming from the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda...I am Kelly Marie mills from Yoga Ayurveda Living, welcome to my happy place! 

This is series 7 episode 8 chakra 7 

Funny enough, we sort of end at the beginning- it's such a human thing to feel that the material, what we see, feel and know…that this is the beginning of it all, that saying the be all and end all…

That is at least until we look into the horizon and realise that the beginning was far before this moment ever began. 

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Chakra 7, one of the chakra system,  is Sahasrara, unity consciousness…its archetype is the creator of life itself, 

It is represented by a thousand petalled lotus, but really the petals are endless…because this chakra is the beginning and the end, it is the holder of all and is held by nothing - is the is pregnant possibilities of silence - it is the opening and closing of a productions 

The more you come to meet the chakras the more you understand their vitality rests in the new old phrase “less is more’

Getting down to reality in the modern world…for Sahasara, we are talking the atomic principle 

I can fancy it up and give it a mick jagger swagger, but Yano what, it doesn’t need it - it is the energetic support of life . 

If your on the fly and gotta pull anchor, stop right now- feel your feet, look down at your feet and breath out, now breathe in, feel the top of your head and then look to the sky - this chakra is about the connecting to the density of ground and the sublime lights of the heavenly abode, 

into the space of dawn and darkness, we meet or navigate our mortality,..and this chakra helps us to face spirituality without labels - giving you freedom to define your own boundaries and hopefully find your own limitless ness too 

((In a simple practice …. you can see how we have slowly been coming to this point - we come to veil as it whispers to us in our dreams and envelope itself around us in our sleepless sleeps of Yoga Nidra and the spaces after an Ayurvedic massage…))

This chakra has very little to do with the material world, and paradoxically it is the source of all we have …

This is a reminder to really see that all things of substance…they  matter little when it comes to truth, love and freedom. What we see and have, has no productive value in our heart of hearts….the inquiry could feel like 

What do you bring with you into the heart of your life’s axis, where all is one and no one is forgotten?

Or perhaps what holds you in a place that feels better than jumping into the void with trust ?

This chakra there are no answers, and no judgment, but inquiry into what makes us who we are..and when we do, it develops us further into who we are meant to be. Each new inquiry lifts us a little bit more into the breach.

Floating gently into Sahasrara….its at the crown of our head, so to do with our inherent nature, and natural tendencies in life…

Anything to Do with the head, meaning even with a headache, or overthinking, or lack of sleep, or elation and it's hard to get to sleep…it means we need an anchor for the mind… and the best place to start an anchor is with something heavier. So we use our body,, to once again support our subtle aspects….this is why it helps to have the body moderately strong and agile, for it to always be our foundation.

We all know that saying - the body is a vessel for our soul 

Depending on who you study with …there are different ideas on which gland is connected with which chakra, but to be fair, we got three glands close together that are easily interrelated and i do believe they operate in unison to support the 6 and 7 chakra 

Living a life of ahimsa, the practice of non-harming is a way to connect to this chakra. From my own experience, ahimsa opens you into a field of silent mind. I have found using inquiry every step of the way has helped me engage with what I do, and why I do it. It's not new, most of us do this if we are seeking health and wellness, balance and prosperity, trying to find a path of healing

Inquiry is a gentle course of self care. 

Most notably, ahimsa is a divine quality that we often see in others faster than we see it in ourselves. And as we start to attend to it, we find that we see it everywhere in our life, but also , we exchange it with others. We may even remind others to allow ahimsa in, and not once needing to use the word DON'T. Don't do this or say this or that…it's forceful isn't it? 

This chakra is opened with self knowledge, because we cannot know our own unconditional loving heart or that of others until we come to face our own beauty of who we are in all our forms ….

So I don't want to get too far from simplicity here, but if we use the chakras as a way to live our best life, spirituality in a form that is natural and welcomed by you comes of its own accord. It is a part of the process of awakening.

But because we are human, it requires consistency, reality checks, and anchors to keep us grounded when we want to run away from the whole business - 

The spiritual path does not mean you need to leave your life behind, change your outlook, refrain from things you love - in fact, it means you enjoy these parts of you even more! 

So we end this series with a space for you…laying or sitting. Go ahead and find the time and place, should you want to repeat this practice, go to the show notes and the time the actual Sahasarara Chakra 7 relaxation begins shall be there for you…

Remember if you have enjoyed this podcast to rate and review it, you can find all my details for contact and social media in the show notes. And don't be a stranger,we are all connected in this life and we should send love to each other as often as we can - send a hug to one of your besties sometime today - it does count, often more than we know.

Find the space and be here - if you feel you can, turn your palms so they face the open space of this life

Be with this feeling of offering to be open and receive

To be open to give

To be open to a soft kindness here…rest

I am going to ask you to visualise yourself now, so it helps to close your eyes if you can but do not worry it can be done in anyway you prefer -

Please visualise yourself standing on the earth, feeling your feet wiggle as you touch the grass beneath your feet and toes and breathe out 

In this sense of standing solid, you are also rising upward into lightness …as if filled with the energy of a balloon lifting you taller, your breathe in and breathe out

You turn your palms to face the world ahead of you and you feel the coolness of space meet your fingers and palms inhale and exhale

You are standing safe and protected, lifting into your own gentle higher state of being and yet still in body,still supported, not separated but in unity with your whole being - it can feel wildly uplifting and light, and like you are a growing tree…becoming taller and elegant, lofty weightless limbs

And without too much thought to this, you allow yourself to let go of anything that is heavy in you, like things that keep you visiting past scenarios or meeting endless encounters with old emotions …they have no hold on you here, 

This chakra has no attachment, but a grounded source that opens begins and ends with weightless freedom and light 

Feel your head lift towards the sky and the sunshine warms your cheeks and head

Can you allow yourself to feel like you are floating in space, this unusual element of all life that we often dismiss because of its vast dimensions…yet in all the space there is also a sense of being held and supported, buoyed along and connected to something other than nothing - 

Nothing is non existent here in space, this space of Sahasrara is for all existence to light up and dim out - it is the place for contrasts and changes, for stability and instability -for the stars and universes to collide and unite and combine to be …to be one 

We can be one…here 

It isn't even a stretch for the mind if you are here, relaxed, to feel the support..

I see it as if i am standing on top of the world, just you, standing tall and arms and palms turned to meet space and understanding 

And breathe and remain open to knowing

And breathe and feel the wind support you like a gentle kind summer breeze buffeting you forward and back like kelp at the bottom of the ocean…you have become malleable to the gentle force of energies around you and in your - 

It may move you or just support your stillness - listen to the stillness

Hear what the tiny movements tell you

Stay here in the sense of floating 

Floating in stability 

Floating in the support of life’s pure nature

As if you were a part of the oceans ebb and flow

The breath connects you to this ebb

The breath connects you to this flow

Allow the mind to release from all thought but 

Feel the power of focus on weightless presence

You are weightlessness itself

You are light

And free

You feel your subtle body merge with space

And breathe like the ocean…

Your body breathes with the ocean

You body becomes one with the oceans movement in space

As your subtle body returns to it silence 

In you wakefulness …allow this to be

In your wakefulness allow yourself to know you are free

All the questions you ever asked, this is where the answer is…

In the spaces between thought

In The spaces between dreams

In the spaces before mind…there is consciousness

It is always with never leaves us



Open to the light of your consciousness 



And allow your eyes to come to the middle of your forehead


Breathing in and out through your o nose a few times, come from your visualization back into your body here where you are today 

And smile again…you are here, 

Allow any sensations or emotions to be noted and cared for with your breath and ahimsa…

Find a way to nourish your body as you leave the seventh chakra feel you feet supporting your, feel your belly nourish your, feel your mind helping your spirit live the required karmas to find freedom …hug yourself…and thank you for joining me today

Thank you for connecting into the wider consciousness of being love and loving life…may we all go gently and find peace in every step …

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Thank you for joining me here on The Dosha Life podcast,  this is Kelly Marie Mills, Yoga Ayurveda Living specialist, for wellness seekers and happiness curators and for those looking for tools, tips and remedies from the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.