The Dosha Life

Series 7 E7 Chakra 6 Ajna, Sat Chit Ananda

March 22, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 7 Episode 7
The Dosha Life
Series 7 E7 Chakra 6 Ajna, Sat Chit Ananda
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Ajna, its where happiness rest within our reach every day. 
To jump straight to the Relaxation/Reset at 6:30 minutes.
Ajna: Resting in bliss, you are open, no longer vulnerable to the call of the body or mind. Pausing in truth, here free of loss and pain, you are expansive in this space 

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Kelly Marie Mills 0:00
This is the dosha life, a podcast for wellness seekers and happiness curators interested in tools tip and remedies coming from the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda...I am Kelly Marie mills from Yoga Ayurveda Living, welcome to my happy place! 
This is series 7, episode 7 and we are on Chakra 6- almost into the very beginning of the nexus - 

Chakra 6 is considered the third eye - i always feel it is this space of seeing without our eyes, but coming to the realisation that just because we are human, we should not limit ourselves to just this body or mind

….we can dance with  our 6th sense …that wakeful objective awareness to test and tease the waters of our life, of our world. The third eye gives a better chance of living in our natural rhythm, because it’s the spidey sense at the central hq of our life, tapping in to everything, aware of all things, and trying to keep tabs on the personality minds unruly nature 

Quick takeaways if you in a dash -

At any point in the day, stop and come to be still. Breathe with 12 breaths, and inhale and exhale is one, as you do this, close your eyelids, and lift your eyes to the middle of your forehead, without force or desire, keep your eyes lifted, and visualise a violet dot growing in this silent space.

You can get a tissue, and place three drops of organic lavender essence - to use anytime of day, but most especially before, during and after this little practice. It will help awaken the felt sense memory each time that we are stopping to connect to the greater silence of being.

We practice self care in all realms of your life…but we ramp it up a bit. ….for this chakra it is the attitude which we do it that counts the most- 

As we move through the chakras, each chakra has the basic intention to bring us to our higher mind, that which releases all struggle and doubt. (just as a side…the intention is with a balanced chakra system, when our body comes out of balance ..the intention can get a little bit masked)

Self care with loving kindness is an aspect of a full recovery into a life well lived.

Now we jump with both hands into the sixth chakra, Ajna - I decided to make this a resting space within the third eye, there is less information and more restoration here.  So this is to stop, pause, take a break and allow yourself to come into the inner space of what it real right now…

Find a place where you can focus, you would be surprised how good you feel after making time for your essential breath, your authentic self…or even just plain old stopping and letting yourself be a priority

Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your upper chest or near your collar bone…but make sure the arms are resting and not being held to be uncomfortable. Your hands will help to keep you present if you wander off in the silence. So remember throughout the practice, if you go off thinking, dreaming, sleeping, or into an active process or recalling a drama or trauma, breathe in…let your hands feel into that inspirational breath, breath out, let you hands feel into the letting go

We start with nadi shodhana, with the whole body. Try not to get to caught into the logistics of the breath, but more of the sensation of the breath moving as you bring your mind to one side of the body or the other…

We begin

However you are, wherever you are, the body is beginning to settle.

And allow this.

Allow the body to spread and open onto the floor, sinking into the earth…breathe, one, two three,

Feel the top of the body now…watch as the body breathes,

Watch as the breath breathes life into your body.

The ebb and flow, the endless connection to lifes essential nature of opening and closing

And stay with this connction for the count of six

Relax a little bit more…you can do that…it is time now to relax a little bit extra

Notice the sole of your left foot, 

The sole of your right foot

The left side of your body

The right side of your body

The crown of you head

Breathe in and out of your body 

We begin nadi shodhana, alternate side of body breathing -

Breathe in from the left sole of your foot, up the left side of your body, left leg, left hips and pelvis, left waist, and ribs, hand and arm, shoulder blade, shoulder, left side of neck, left side of face, left ear and to the crown of your head….breathe out and down from the crown of your head, to the right ear, right side of face, right side neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, arm, hand, right ribs, waist, pelvis, right hips and leg to the sole of your right foot…

And so we rotate this way for a few minutes…alternating each side as you end on the right side, so you begin there, inhale into the sole of the right foot, and whole side body to the crown o your head, and exhale left side of body..all the way down to the sole of your left foot. 

Inhale left side, to the crown of your head, exhale right side, to the sole of your foot, inhale right side, exhale left

Just continue with that for a moment…as we begin to soothe the nervous system with this unique breathing rpactice that soothes the nervous system and clears the energetic body of imbalances….

Begin to feel the whole body breathing in unison, physical body, your body breathing …the breathing body, as you become a witness to the body…and now become a witness to the activity of the mind…acknowledge the rollercoaster waves of your mind..stay to watch and see the waves, as they rise with much activity and as they fall with less activity….

As if you are standing outside of your whole being, fully engaged with mindful awareness, but content to watch as the players strut across your stage, …noticing when you may suddenly switch to become attached to anything or a any one idea or reaction…not it and come back to sit in the seat of whole awareness, with non judgement as the abiding essence of this time -

Allow yourself the freedom of being the witness here and now…you have a few is not always easy, but to know you will bounce back and forth from freedom into our ego and back again…as our essential nature is completely free of these ties of this mind, the gravity of this body, the drama of these emotions… rest here in freedom..if you get lost, go back to the initial breathing 

Resting in bliss, you are open, no longer vulnerable to the call of the body or mind

Pausing in truth, here free of loss and pain, you are expansive in this space 

Consider at this time in space, you are one with the her adoration of life, she too is limitless in the pulse of life itself…she is not beholden to desires or dreams or structure but stays allowing life to unfold…. She,  a deep integral part of that allowance

Here can you feel into that ebb of life?

Underneath you now, there is a whole world of the smallest activity..undetectable in our material body- but nonethe less very evident, we are a part of the micro and macro cosm

Letting go of what we think we know is a part of our inherent nature…letting go and being all we are is a part of our unique lightness of being. 

I ask you now to set a sail and dream for two minutes of joy…it is your perception of joy you have the freedom to play in now…

And now go ahead if they are not already, close your eyelids if possible, 

Let your eyes drift up into the third eye point, the very middle of your forehead - 

This third eye it is a space of peace….of all the things this chakra offers us….the resounding truth is, it offers us peace…

So here, in plenty of time for what you need today, rest in peace -

Allow your eyes to develop a violet dot in the middle of your forehead, and rest, in peace…for a few minutes

This chakra is dreams and truth….in the language of yoga and ayurveda…truth is coming to terms with our limitless being, meeting our spiritual heart, seeing the wildly interconnected ness of life as a whole gift…of what was past, what is now, what is yet to be, it is a myriad of balancing all part of us, our being and our doing, it is the meeting point of shiva/shakti - it is living in wisdom, loving life through a childs eyes - 

Our last few minutes we remain in sat chit ananada / truth/limitless, consciousness/awareness, freedom or bliss 

Sat chit ananda, sat chit ananda - truth, consciousness, freedom

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Thank you for joining me here on The Dosha Life podcast,  this is Kelly Marie Mills, Yoga Ayurveda Living specialist, for wellness seekers and happiness curators and for those looking for tools, tips and remedies from the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.