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Series 7 E6 Chakra 5 Vishuddha, its the X Factor

March 15, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 76
The Dosha Life
Series 7 E6 Chakra 5 Vishuddha, its the X Factor
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Its the X Factor because it is of our expression of our hearts desire..this space of expression is paramount to us living healthy fruitful lives in joy and service to others. 

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Kelly Marie Mills 0:00 
This is the dosha life, a podcast for wellness seekers and happiness curators interested in tools tip and remedies coming from the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda...I am Kelly Marie mills from Yoga Ayurveda Living, welcome to my happy place! 

This is series 7 episode 6, and we are on chakra 5…so like if all those numbers confuse you..join my club..i need to check and recheck every episode!

Anyway…if you have been listening this past week, you got some radio silence.

I am very sorry about that - i had the recording to edit and then my beautiful nutty angelic  border collie put her back out..and was incapacitated for two days and seven days later, she has improved so much …but it was a very difficult few days for us and i was laughing at how anytime I work with the chakra system, if you ever do a course with me on the chakras, you will find, like i do, that you are living in the field of it…the specific chakra focus is awakened and pervades your life for a week or so…. And because the week this happened was the heart chakra week it was all about stabilising my own energy and allowing all the stuff about heart and love and compassion and pain to be present, and at the same time, to not fold and collapse from some of the difficulty. 

And I know, I totally get it, you may think… well it was only a dog…and if you feel that way, you have not met Tara. Tara got her name because when I first met her, I just got down on one knee to see which of the pups would come over,,,and she, at six months old, sauntered over and put her beautiful chin on my knee and sat down in front of me. And we have been together since then. 

She is like the goddess Tara. Or Kwan yin. This goddess is born from the teardrop of the Buddha, in his compassion for humanity and how we live in much separation from joy and bliss, not giving ourselves a break to live in rhythm with the ebb and flow of life…we lose ourselves in disbelief …this teardrop became a goddess to help soothe our wounds and heal our heart…she is the essence of this heart chakra, the story of this compassionate state of grace, this goddess (not my dog)

For the heart chakra, that which is the unstruck heart - is not touched or tainted by our personality minds desires or attachments, this heart of complete unconditional love that will love even when light is hard to find - and it is this that holds us when we do not know the outcome of our love for another being. I was very aware of the desire to not have Tara in pain and suffering and yet, still see we all have our own timing for life and for letting go. Thankfully my personality mind is thrilled that Tara is very much into recovery and although moving even slower, she is doing well and she is still smiling at me.

So this week's chakra is 5 vishuddha , and is all about expression. a way for us to express our hearts is the way to express our thoughts and emotions,this space of expression is paramount to us living healthy fruitful lives in joy and service to others. 

It is the throat chakra, 

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And here are some bits to keep in mind today for you beautiful lovely people- related to thyroid gland - mega important regulator of the systems of the body…nuff said.

We call this the purification chakra…I consider it like a car wash…whatever we think or feel at some stage or other goes through the throat, area, either dropping down from the dawning of a process from our causal body, or comes down from our mind - and also in reverse…comes into our heart, and then rises to be expressed - 

Of course if it does not come remains or unexpressed and we all know, unexpressed emotions will manifest in different ways in our body systems…

Quick takeaways- gandusha or oil pulling, google is amazing and best to use sesame oil and coconut oil is second best and much easier on the western pallets -

Aromatherapy, remember Ayurveda does not believe that aromatherapy is for the skin, but is an extremely powerful medicine through the sense of smell..for Vishuddha we use embracing revitalising scents lemongrass, eucalyptus, sage, pine …all of there are great to help open the windows in our communication center.

 Simpler foods like lemon and lime, leafy green vegetables and proper hydration..making sure you are drinking when you are thirsty and not drinking out of habit..coming to listen to the body needs and requirements first, and inquiring as to which voice is standing out the most? Old habits, or the real constitution of a happy life of health.

So if your done for now…catch you later, here we go on the slide into communication and healthy guides, your life vision and mission, understanding and response 

Consider this chakra linked to our hearing..what do we hear, what do we not hear - what do we like to hear and what do we not want to hear…

When you frame this week with that, it will help our engage with this chakra, it is a vibrant sky if you wear cloths of that colour it can help you to associate with it…to be honest, chakra medicine doesn’t require much - because it is subtle science, it offers subtle it is often gentle, kind, compassionate and truthful. 

The body parts associated are all to Do with the lower face - ears, throats, nots, teeth, neck, mouth and if we just recall any problems with any of these parts of our body, it can give us a little view as to how this chakra is possibly working. Not forgetting that the balance of the heart chakra and third eye also have an effect on this area..but we wont work on that now…

Health checks Will be concerned with things like

Tonsillitis, laryngitis, of course neck and hearing problems, thyroid imbalance, ..and when it has to do with the thyroid’s talking about energy distribution our energy levels may be hard to balance.

So how problems with this chakra can manifest can seem pretty stark, but really living with awareness of the chakras support is life changing…and it does exactly what it says on the label. Chakra support is supporting the balance of your chakras. It is not meant to point fingers, but to help see clearly how we are doing at this time in our life. To see clearly with open arms that whatever has brought us here today is a gift, and we now can transition gently into finding our own natural rhythm with the standing point that our past is greatly involved in our future…we have imbalances and now  - as we have done this, so we can undo this.

This chakra can bubble up or drop down abruptly and feel like you are stuck, or in an unwelcome space, our options are very small and feel limited because our life has become something we don't really recognise….or for me it was a slow niggling dawning of being out of time out of place. 

It can be hard to feel this way. Actually it is hard to feel this way because normally it is so unexpected. But it is the inner voice jumping up and down days, hello! Earth to me! Earth to me, can you hear me! Worse yet we can fight with this voice, this idea this madness..because our personality mind it like NO I Don't wanna do that..that's not what I want (three year old self shows up a lot of when we don't get our own way, when our life doesn’t seem to be following our own plan)

Yet at the same time, When we start to let our guard down, we start to allow better communication to flow and this is the beginning of changes…no matter if they are big or small, in only one part of your life or many…and it is a good start to understanding dharma or vocation - the call of living our hearts desire - and this vocation can be a hobby as much as your job or a bit of both! 

Balancing this chakra doesn’t take work…it takes better listening skills - and less about someone else’s voice but more about your own. 

Learning to listen to ourselves gives us the benefit to listen to others better. And listen to the whole conversation from your personality mind to the truth that is trying to be heard and understood. It's really about finding harmony between our subtle life and our physical life - we become much more synchronised when we can live in balance with both….we begin to live with the ebb and flow, the changes and opportunities that come from opening our communication lines to our authentic self and welcoming the wisdom and insight that come from beyond our that comes come the causal body …the essence of our life force and power…Prana 

This chakra is the real opening to the beauty of Yoga Ayurveda living …we come to meet and care for the human in the divine and the divine in the human. BOOM! 


Any voice work helps us all! Humming, chanting, singing, sounding..all are so cool - even storytelling ..listening completely with awareness…

Yoga postures? Especially inversions and neck warm ups if possible every day, forward folds mainly as a beautiful way to bow to life bow to our stage in life, to bow to this beautiful earth, to bow to all the goodness in our life, to bow to all the things we do not understand…and to bow to own voice…and allow it to be heard first by us and then slowly out to the world. In our own inimitable fashion.

For pranayama keep it simple..ujjayi or sitkari and if you know the bandhas..this is all about jalandarah

As we affirm what we have already for me, I no longer struggle to be more, but welcome each internal discovery as more of who I am - this is my guide and it leads me to my natural rhythm and joy…

The fifth chakra takes us into space…when we meet space we meet not just that which we live in, but as we go into our subtle world we meet the unknown element of freedom and communion with a larger knowledge - its like you meet the point of knowing something and you are not sure how you know it…this is the beginning of a new view…a deeper knowing and less stress, less judgment, more love and more knowing I am all i need to be. 

It's just another wild and wonderful stroll with the chakra system, in its wildness it is calming and sweet, warm and light, dense in its strength and lead by trust, patience and silence….thank you for joining me, in your own space of artistic expression and creative outlet…it's a wonderful life, I hope you feel it too, even with all that is going on, if you are not in survival, then make sure to take the time to love the life you had - it is only this moment that counts for our inner world to grow and enhance our outer life. 

I look forward to chatting to you in the next episode…on our Intuitive center..Ajna by for now..

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Thank you for joining me here on The Dosha Life podcast,  this is Kelly Marie Mills, Yoga Ayurveda Living specialist, for wellness seekers and happiness curators and for those looking for tools, tips and remedies from the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.