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Series 7 Episode 5 Chakra Four, Love is in the Air

March 10, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 7 Episode 5
The Dosha Life
Series 7 Episode 5 Chakra Four, Love is in the Air
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Any imbalanced chakra shows up in really gnarly ways..and the heart I feel gets a real beating when out of sync- depression arrives, and it's not easy, it can be just a quick dive to visit something old, or it can be a long dive messing with the hormones and makes us feel we are in an abyss.... 

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Kelly Marie Mills 0:00

This is the dosha life, a podcast for wellness seekers and happiness curators interested in tools tip and remedies coming from the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda...I am Kelly Marie mills from Yoga Ayurveda Living, welcome to my happy place!
 This is series 7 episode 5...we are on Chakra 4

This is series 7 episode 5  you are on chakra 4 Anahata - let's get to the heart of the matter or what is the matter with our heart -Both very good takeaway inquiries for this chakra …

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If you are are in a flurry here are a few brief takeaways 

This chakra is in the same area as our own beating heart -  so here is  micro retreat for all of right now - come to your breath, inhale exhale, we will do this a few more times together just breathe with if you could allow your intuiting from your heart to listen to this question...without pre thinking it, or judging anything that arrives...sit with an open mind, and open heart and breathe as the first answer is often clear and conscience...breath in, breath out...what does your heart beat for? Or for whom does your heart beat? 

Among all the key components this is about Prana. And you all know by now, Ayurveda and yOga are all about the prana. Prana comes in...and likes Poof! Where does it to your frontal lobe people that's exactly where, and from there it dances like no one is watching through you our whole body- giving us life.

So go get your prana today in the nearest woods, beaches, hugs, smiles, laughter, respectful loving relationships...but my advice ? Go get it now. Don't delay.

Take away three already! Any imbalanced chakra shows up in really gnarly ways..and the heart i feel gets a really beating when out of sync- depression arrives, and it's not easy, it can be just a quick dive to visit something old, or it can be a long dive messing with the hormones and makes us feel we are in an abyss - or we are the abyss - in opposition is the raging heart.. and we did a bit on rage for the third chakra, but this has a twist, cause is it gets stuck in and manifests like a Stephen king novel...grueling, cruel,insensitive - heart is blocked,locked or cold 

Remedies! Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of devotion and surrender to the unknown,which offers forgiveness and humility as a path to freedom from our own inner demons. 

Hugging others is a big healer, of course if your raging or hiding in retreat, it's hard to want to hug someone - and if someone is in a rage the last thing I would do is try to hug them- but I do remember when my children were small and they would get in rage and you just hug them and snuggle them with your chin and cuddle them and then all the upset would melt and communication could open- see rage is actually pain seeking a safe exit - like all the doshas when they get imbalanced, like from our digestion - and you find you have burps for stomach problems exit one,, or windies for exit have burning sensation for exit three which is no exit at all but the fire element rising higher trying to get out anywhere..just like a fire anywhere - it will try to burn through and find the fast exit - I wonder ..perhaps fire doesn’t always think things through very clearly heehee

The best remedy for this chakra is community and the ability to share and receive love in balance. Separation is the Bane of this chakra -

Aromatherapy is so helpful rose is amazing for this chakra and so is the price of real rose essence Atlantic aromatics do one of the most amazing Rose oils you will find and they have blended it with almond oil..its a perfect unctuous love potion for your whole being.

I do sell the most beautiful aroma called Padma -in 10ml bottle - its a blend for dosha balance -aimed mainly at easing your loving heart - its 5 euros - postage is extra - on all the products i sell, there are little tiny prayers so the oils are held in the equanimity of the intention on the bottle…

Other good aromatherapy lavender and jasmine 

Maybe too many simple remedies for those on the speedy Gonzales route today - but hey, these all work - besides who said medicine has to be complicated and have negative side effects at every turn? Now I say Ayurveda! Ayurveda’s main side effect is that it may not work as fast as you would like it to. 

So we met anahata. She is the love of our life, the thorn in our side, the heartbroken one who seeks a healthy way to grieve without purging life itself. She is the love of a Mother Earth - unconditional but not oppressive or sticky attached...and not aloof either

Big destabiliser is excess movement — it can feel cold in here when we rush around, vata makes us feel the cold heartedness of a life, we might begin to see we far too busy to see this life is a living sacred mystery…., as we begin to reconnect to this quote concept unquote, sort of makes me shiver when I say that...but at the start it can begin as a floating thought ...until you bring in intention and your open heart..then you live the mystery with love and you will find the connection you have always sought - we don't want to end up like u2 lyrics...but i still haven’t found what I’m looking for

And yet that essence of foundering and lost develops all sorts of emotional a few emotions right now ..and think of the source they come from ...and a lot of them relate back to this core thought - life is not how i want to it to ….all this.comes from the lack of stabilisation or rather consistent dedicated stabilisation of the first three chakras. Boom. I know..i swear its not me..this is all down in the ancient books, all of this science is there for Everyone to link into your life. 

That is why my biggest business charter is Live your medicine, change your world… Chakra healing is medicine. It's just blow your mind amazing...that doesn’t mean it's easy...but it is accessible, it is healthy, it gives you options, the only requirement is, the more consistent you are, the more you will see changes...if you feel it is not working, then review it, bring more awareness to tweaking what you know is working or speak to an expert, get an objective view - oh yah….the balance heart does objective pretty good cause she be like  not my circus not my monkeys (kudos Adele the reiki master, Indian head massage, and physical therapy at setu she gave me that saying, now i am seeing it everywhere ! )you can find her on instagram @that_healing_feeling


The sort of nasty things that can arrive of course lung problem, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, chest problem ..shallow breathing!  But the mental health side really takes a dive, despite, depression, distrust, paranoia,fear of abandonment or rejection,

So we jump through fire to get to the heart of our could consider it this way. If we have not completed all the developmental work, creating strong foundations (chakra 1)and coming to understand our right to be here-

 that our creative power is a live giving force for our life time (chakra2) and that we can lead and follow and still be our own source of balance and energy(chakra3) ...if we don't get these few stable then...Yano like, meeting our heart chakra is a wibbly wobbly wonder….so imagine if you have had a difficult past...without a doubt the heart chakra goes on a roller coaster with nananana hey baby...and we need to ride the waves of the beating heart and not duck and dive but welcome its emotional responses with kindness love and with a sense of grounded ness so that grieving and all its emotions can be expressed without destabilings us too much. 

AGain kits all about the rib cage, the lungs, they massage the heart in a way, the rib cage protects the heart and gives it safe harbor 

all postures to open the heart can rebalance a deficiency of tamas and overactive or Rasas 

Like working with moodiness or a feeling of being low - try daily moon sequences, which are better for the heart,it is the compassionate and femine sequence of yoga. it enhances the rounded form of love in all of us.

Legs up the wall and savasana are a go to for all forms of imbalance even when we feel a big desire to make our hearts desire come true right now...pausing and listening to the heart is a great way to listen to the urgency and understand its core relation.

What the chakras provide is a way to open into our vulnerabilities in a simple way. I always think recognising we are vulnerable is the first step towards letting love in. ..and paradoxically it is already in us, we just  need to open the door a bit more to accept - that we are how we are today  because of where and how we got here today. 

This chakra like i said earlier is all about prana, prana is love, love is the only emotion that enhances our nervous system. It is the only emotion that does not drain us, deplete us or age us. If any of those things feel like they are happening in any relationship you have..then it's a good time to set inquiry into your life, begin with you. Set inquiry into the feelings of love and all that goes with it. I am not saying in any way, one example, you are caring for someone you love.and you find you are depleted….that is coming from the work itself of caring, and not from the one you love. It is the caring that is draining you, and from my own experience they are desperate days of sadness and loss and one foot in front of the other. And when the days feel like that, ring a good friend. Tell them how you are feeling, tell them you feel depleted, ask for help. And then go make a cup of tea, and give yourself a hug. You just changed an old pattern. Asking for help is a whole new world of a wonderful life. 

If you have problems with your lungs, heart, circulatory and respiratory system, arms hands shoulders upper spine, this makes it difficult for the heart chakra to sustain its balanced vibration - and it involves the thymus gland..the gland that Ayurveda considers the most useful for our immune system

Foods that are great for rebalance are all the sweeter things in life,Yano, cause it's like the is sweet!  like fruits, Ayurveda says stew is best for vata and autumn/winter, but green vegetables, avocado and nuts of all sorts. Since i went off sugar i have altered my habits and not if i am literally so tired from a long day..i grab a few mixed trail bits and feel so much better...i mean it will be a full year before my body will feel the benefit of removing sugars...but that's for my next shpeel 

What is the best action for this heart chakra, anahata? Allow karma to flow into us, and flow out of us, remaining open to all the love in our life, all the abundance and all the gifts we share to our daily sacred life...and then also , to find deep within, the real meaning and depth of our life is not what we have, but who we are and how we love - connect connect connect. This is ahimsa. Respecting our own journey. Learning to say no and learning to ask for help. And when you open your hands to help - I can tell you, that love is there. Someday I will tell you the story of how I got to Galway and you will be way. 

It wasn't easy to move. But I met a friend I never really knew but knew I knew her before, somewhere...and together we changed my life for the better. Thank you Siobhan 

Lastly this chakra is unconditional love, the love that abides all time and distance. And here in this sense...repeat 9 times and let the real whole meaning sink in -

Love is its own reward. 

Thank you for joining me, i look forward dot chatting to you in the next episode in heart together on International women’s day - to all the women that I love, thank you for loving me back 

Thank you for joining me here on The Dosha Life podcast,  this is Kelly Marie Mills, Yoga Ayurveda Living specialist, for wellness seekers and happiness curators and for those looking for tools, tips and remedies from the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.