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Series 7 Episode 4 Chakra Three is our place to shine

March 01, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 7 Episode 4
The Dosha Life
Series 7 Episode 4 Chakra Three is our place to shine
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And now we meet manipura - I consider it the belle of the ball - in all its finery shining for all to admire as it has the Midas touch and it wants everyone to know.

This cosmic energy is a glimmer of light of consciousness, we feel it within ourselves as light, heat..illumination. So it allows us the light of perception ... 

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Kelly Marie Mills 0:00
This is the dosha life, a podcast for wellness seekers and happiness curators interested in tools tip and remedies coming from the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda...I am Kelly Marie mills from Yoga Ayurveda Living, welcome to my happy place!
 This is series 7 episode 4...we are on Chakra 3 

Called Manipura - the city of the gems is how i have always known it but also lustrous jewel is one interpretation- it is the spark of change and transformation, it is the gateway to the heart 

For many this chakra can be deficient because of the compound effect the chakras have on each other. If chakra one and two show signs of weakness or out of balance, it affects the whole system. But also any heart issues can affect this personalsolar power…. ..the chakras needs full balance, to sustain their own specific strenght and integrity...

But it is the same if they are balanced, then the whole being benefits from this too -

As a quick take away here we go: 

Fire, often seen as a yellow gem, bright orange and sometimes blue, all colours of fire.

This is the energy of “I Do” 

Its all about transforming stuff and that means getting active,coming from creating to manifesting into reality 

Its ally and bane is The perfectionist. This is perfectionist territory - and all the baggage that goes with that. Its hard work for most of us just getting things completed and over the line..but a perfectionist is done with gusto, with over drive and verve, with explosive emotions to go with it and burn out is on the horizon (excess…) we see them like a bull in a china shop - they plough ahead regardless, they are determined = its one of the words they use to keep themselves going ..but possibly just as they get to the door their one man show, they bale and crash ...because its not perfect enough! (Deficient) 

The other side is they feel hidden by others, drown out (second chakra to awash with feelings to help burn into third gear)  dat mojo is a no show, all dressed for the party but just cant get on the bus



Metta meditation plenty of it to smooth out or really counter balance the competitive characteristic of this chakra. Its not so much it needs to be a winner, but it want to shine the brightest to serve - so if we are already out of balanced, this brightness may help us to feel a powerful need to shine better and bigger than anyone else in the whole wide world - 

Seeking a quiet simple life will help this chakra radiate without over illumination...its related to all the sun gods so its power is hot, exciting, expansive

And deficient energy: to help perk up the foundering energy, first check how the first and second chakra are...if you feel you are treading water rather than sparking flames, its the second chakra needs support..andcheck how the body feels is in respect to any physical or emotions difficulties, this will help with third chakra imbalance…

Using aromas is always helpful, like geranium(the granny scent)rosemary and citrusy oils..all are good to enliven the gut,the digestive power ..oh and cinnamon (cant have porridge without cinnamon!)

Remember this chakra is about transformation so the scents are all about digesting with clarity

And now we meet manipura - i consider it the belle of the ball - in all its finery shining for all to admire as it has the Midas touch and it wants everyone to know.

This cosmic energy is a glimmer of light of consciousness, we feel it within ourselves as light, heat..illumination. So it allows us the light of perception - and is linked to our pitta dosha which gives us our specific level of perception depending on our dosha balance.

To be honest...sometimes it can be difficutl to wrap our heads around this. 

But this is the basic energy of transformation. It is most evident around the pancreas - and it vibrates -pulsates here - it is related to pitta becuase the pancreas is a part of pittas ownership - like vata owns the nervous system, pitta owns the digestive system. And when things overlap it gives us a remedies to help the physical area, the system, the emotional mind aspect, the dosha, the chakra, the element. 

Manipura is sunlight energy. Its bright and bold yellow, being connected to every sun god there is...well its mega strong and warrior like, determined and a fighter

Because it is a part of transformation and perception it works with our mind and emotions - giving us the strenght to seek our own inner light, if we dare. 

It has to do with the solar plexus, the middle of the body, the middle of the back, the digestive system, meaning stomach, small intestine liver pancreas, gallbladder spleen - and receiving correct information through our perception of our 5 senses ..we also tend to eat with our eyes so this chakra is connected here from our eyesight too!  

With all this transformation being set in place what does it do for us as material manifestation if the cosmic energy?

 It means this is our centre of solar power, its our personal own cellar connection to the light of the sun..and for how long have we never recognised this? That we have the suns light within us in any given moment? 

We just need to breathe to connect to it...a great breathing practice to do that is kapalabhati - if you don’t know it well I can’t really teach you here, this is definately an in person breathing practice - because breathing is so good for us when it its balanced and absolutely catastrophic when it is left to become chronically out of sync - it can develop its own pattern of breathing so much so that when we learn about breathing for stress relief, we find it very difficult to let go of the old patterns our body learned to try and keep up with our minds demands on the body. 

Physical problems surface a burning sensation from the inside out….it is not nice at all. It could also show up like butterflies in the stomach and a rush of panic that runs right thru you (not too graphic)  if you have ever had the misfortune to be around someone in a real threaghtenting rage...

Now we need to remember Manipura can only benefit us, it has no other action only to help us live our dharma . 

it is the cosmic order of the light of the sun - it can do us no harm just like any of the other chakras...they are only radiant light to help us create the limitless life we have the capacity to live….

it all changes once we begin to connect into the realm of the subtle body of mind, emotions, breath and physical body where this delight of light is expressed in our lives. We must take responsibility for our own life expression. 

And its a struggle often

Okay quick sweep into helps and remedies..

This chakra gets busy inside community and life itself to find and make its own place - the current marketing skill of finding your gotta connect with your third chakra 

So what doesn’t work to find our niche is feeling along, separated and even separated from our own strength and our own potentialality 

Postures that boost and lift our sunrise?

Warriors and all the variations - depending on what is going on, we can remove the debilitating toxins of too much of the suns heat in our body through cooling practices with cooling pranayamas of sitali and the moon salutes with twists too...the breath of joy where you take three short sharp bursts of breathin and then fold ….aaaahhh breathout

Yoga know what it is so amazing - it helps us live our hearts desire. It helps us remove mental blocks and phases of lack of lustre and joy, it brings us into deep balance - its as wildly life changing as Ayurveda massage or shire dharma /the oil over the head treatment…

Richard miller of Irest is a wonderful resource and a superb teacher of Yoga nidra in all aspects of it - you can find a book and cd on his work on amazon and book depository and you can view his work on 

Above all - this centre in our system is about the meeting of two energies the feminine and the masculine, the upward and the down flow, the yin and yang and learning to find ways to accommodate and appreciate both in our life will lead us - without any doubts- into great abundance, long term happiness and deep inner healing -

Thanks for listening...if your on instagram or facebook ..say hi, it so nice to get feedback and to here what you think and is this holding your attention? 

For now, in all the drive to get this done, i really do look forward to chatting to you in our next episode - Anahata, we get to the heart of the matter 

Thank you for joining me here on The Dosha Life podcast,  this is Kelly Marie Mills, Yoga Ayurveda Living specialist, for wellness seekers and happiness curators and for those looking for tools, tips and remedies from the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.