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Series 7 Episode 3 Chakra Two A Fluid Life

February 22, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 7 Episode 3
The Dosha Life
Series 7 Episode 3 Chakra Two A Fluid Life
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Chakra Two, Svadhisthana - Some metaphors to consider when we find awareness to this chakra, the energetic force of water:   The fluid nature of water, it can get swept off its course a little more swiftly than our base chakra…we get immersed, we could drown in sorrow or drowning in our paperwork/where the creativity is inaccessible, she is so shallow she can't swim, he is so deep he can hardly stand up..

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Kelly Marie Mills: 0:00

This is the dosha life, a podcast for wellness seekers and happiness curators interested in tools tip and remedies coming from the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda...I am Kelly Marie mills from Yoga Ayurveda Living, welcome to my happy place! 

This is series 7, you are on chakra two..the fluid water world of svadhisthana - we dive into a pool of creative possibility within the lower belly and pelvis with this chakra - seen widely as orange in colour - svadhisthana translates as one own dwelling place of abode…

It is our comfort home and zone - it is where we find deep seated relief, when our creativity is expressed we feel connected to nature's rhythm. 

Of course being connected to the fluid nature of water, it can get swept off its course a little more swiftly than our base chakra…we get immersed, we could drown in sorrow or drowning in our paperwork/where the creativity is inaccessible, she is so shallow she can't swim, he is so deep he can hardly stand up...we can dive to the depths of our being, we all have hidden depths, all metaphors to explain our relationship to this chakra

Keep in mind that just like any relationship - if one vital component becomes unbalanced on a chronic basis, it puts those closest to it out of kilter too…

A few takeaways in case you want only a quick visit - this is the part of the body that has to do with ‘my residence’ my creation...creation is a relationship with the other - whatever other happens to be, pen, paper, brushes, canvas, chalk, clay, yoga mat, another person or people ….or just the mirror..who’s we see here right now and how judgey or clear we can co create - 

Swadhisthana relates to the element of water - which is the fluid nature of life, it like the first chakra holds a supportive role..the first chakra can be fluid, but only if there is enough water to make it so, otherwise it gets stuck or is stuck in the mud - 

Simply put, this chakra is all about the lower belly and lower back plus anything to do with what is inside of this area- pelvis, lumbar spine, plus circulatory system and muscles, one is fluid in nature and one gives us fluid movement. 

This chakra orange, if you want to engage with your creativity, is a sunset orange dress, or shirt...The main themes are finding balance, water likes to pool in low places but needs balance to find a secure location where it will not spill out, overflow, or leak. 

We may spend a good bit of time seeking our natural groove, where we feel the most content and supported - and when we find it - we know we have the keys to our home. 

The overactive svadhisthana, or the life principle of Rajas coming out with red flags is pretty harsh to be fair - coming out as excessive will power and wow, i am sure we all know someone with butt loads of this…it might seem like tunnel vision or not able to see the bigger picture -it's also obsessions and compulsions, and the narcissist..the king of self centred, separation from sensation and feelings or being able to connect to intimacy of other 

The under active, Tamasic energy of sadvishtana? Think of water in a small fish bowl, separation from life itself..the breath, separation from the can't go anywhere, low sense of self, confused about what life is for what is creation for, isolation-like totally removed from community ..just like a gold fish bowl, out to sea. 

Can show as intimacy issues, shyness, turning inward, feeling like a martyr...

Simple remedies...overactive vitamin E, melons, vegetable juicing as long as it is drank room temperate /throw a bit of warm water in it - nadi shodhana, alternate nostril breathing, abdominal breathing, 

This chakra will have a close relationship to our base chakra and our solar plexus ….but keep listening

News at the moment is…tell about retreat and talk about yoga teaching 

The water chakra is the cosmic expression of all fluid states of life itself. Ayurveda is a system of enumeration, so one thing births the next …like a set of dominoes being stacked up. Understanding the unique elements of life and how they inhabit our lives, gives us tools to live in complete health. Experience of water is what we are born into..and then out of. We are destined to discover our own creative center from the moment we shed our own inimitable light in our birth mothers womb. Meeting the watery nature of life is everywhere in ireland…like in our faces because our air is damp and we appreciate it as much as we wish for more sunshine, fluid life is all around us here , the rivers,  ocean, the skies  and the effect of this water…creation of endless new life, ireland is covered in lush flora and fauna attracting more and more creation from the wildlife that over hundred of years continue to live and thrive here..most especially the amazing migratory birds that we are blessed to share this life with..including whales and dolphins…

This chakras experiences are reflections of our own inner fluid immersion into the depths of our creativity, our reproduction, our sexuality, our life giving power - 

Apart from one of our main life supports, we use water as a tool for cleaning ….as i write this, i know now how often i take water for granted. I am spoiled for choice in the various ways that water offers me gifts every day. And I even have the audacity to berate the water from my taps because it is full of natural minerals thousands of years old … ( I googled hard water in ireland ) we use water for so many things…we forget to feel our blessings as we wash our hands and connect into the beauty of life flowing onto our fingers, into our body, onto our hair, cleaning our clothes, rinsing our stresses away, refreshing our spirit,  soothing our children, lifting our hearts with a simple thing like a bath or a shower

Sunset and sunrise orange, this energy resides one hand's breadth below your belly button and because it is made of water it is very related to kapha as well as the first chakra - so they do share a bit of the elimination stuff..understandably. 

this chakras meaning is one's own dwelling place, if you think of it..because of the womb, this was our dwelling place and when we leave the womb, we must go forth! And seek to find where we feel at home - and as we get older, hopefully we learn that seeking this sense of home and belonging, must first come within us, because to find it outside of our own self is folly. 

I can tell you, no matter how many lovely homes I have lived in…when i feel solid in my life, it doesn't matter where I live, it doesn't matter what trinkets and memories i bring with me…I am happy when I realize I am blessed to be where I am, because I know, I belong here. I belong to me first..and then I can extend to others, knowing that any decisions I make, will not be made unless I am clear why I make the decision…is it to make them happy, to make me feel included or , for the love of connection.

 Understanding that when we start with a non harming attitude, ahimsa, it changes our view. And it is not locked into right or wrong. It is a simple softness of understanding needs vs wants….


This chakra has to do with our breathing body…at least for one reason because it is where the breath of life least when we breathe correctly we breathe in from the belly filling it up like a balloon, and breathing out, exhaling from the belly, relaxing the belly into the body 

This correlates with the apana vayu, the eliminatory vibration of vata, that helps us shift into toxin removal. I cover this in many of my classes and will have a few tutorials on youtube The Dosha Life youtube channel.. All of a thriving 39 followers haha..thank you to those wonderful people who have kindly subscribed…you will be glad you did soon!

The body connection- the areas that are affected  the vibration of this chakra are our reproductive system, kidneys, bladder, prostate, circulatory/fluidity,  muscles/out fluid nature, pelvis and the lumbar spine…so it is a bit intermingled with chakra one.

The endocrine glands involved are within the reproductive system. Plus this chakra is connected to the hypogastric nerve plexus -

When we look at the sense that it most affects, it is the sense of taste and our appetite - so if you think back to a time you were not hungry, or you felt you were foundering or had writers block or creative blank screen, you sense of hunger may have been off too..but i also think that with such blocks of energy, our actual appetite might feel okay, but it is our appetite for life that may feel like it has receded when our creativity is in hiding.

What is most important is that our personal power takes a seat here. If you think of the ability to create something, it is a sense of yourself going out into the world to be shown and perhaps make its own way…say an author putting out the novel for the first time…letting their work, make a life of its own.

The imbalance of this chakra appears in those behaviors that contain or increase the movement and fluidity of water…so that leaves us with a lot of red flags! 

but the main ones to watch for are  excessive will power or excessive competitiveness,  - those that say they are very determined, and go beyond the call of duty on a regular basis - how to keep an eye on this ourselves? 

Red flags like repetitive burn out or immune system dropping, excess fatigue, lack of a larger life vision, and low self esteem comes with this, 

This lack of self esteem  and second chakra imbalance is reflected in imbalances such as low libido, cyclic imbalances or pain, strong menopausal fluctuations, and of course problems with any of the organs mentioned. 

This chakra is all about finding our path in relationship, finding balance and health in and out of this space connecting to others - so it is filled with pools and eddies, rapids and dangerous waterfalls. 

Yoga practices that help to ease the rivers of our body - all help to keep the hydration feeding all the dhatu in our body…

Best practice…breathing - and recognising I flow with the rhythm of my life - remember to look at where the asana is mainly focused and this will help identify the chakra you are enabling or stabilizing 

All the cat movements, and pelvic rolls, hip openers with slow fluid movement, strengthening through staff pose and plank, opening grounding and fluid movements of snake posture, forward folds and ofcourse child…to return to the smallest posture of all. 

For those using Yoga bandhas..uddiyana bandha 

This is all about the creative life force within us, Ayurveda and yoga consider the moons light to be soothing and river like in its energetics..also returning to the ocean, the shores and hidden water under the earth's surface…discovering your own sensuality or perhaps your own healthy desires….here we learn restraint is empowering ... rather than indulging in desires, to learn about them, meet them in your mind, have a conversation it’s why you desire that now, where is the urge coming from - each dosha has a different amount of energy for desire..but that's another story! When we connect in making simple daily inner conversations with our desires and  feelings, we meet our fluid nature - we meet where we get stuck and obsess, and where we get overexcited needing everything to be our own we converse with these bubbling processes, we change the path of our own relationship with ourselves..and we become our own best carer - our best friend. 

The chakras tell us so much about who we are , and how to care for ourselves because we are worth it - learning about our feelings is a large part of this life, and this chakra can teach us how to meet our feelings and communicate with them with a sense of understanding and openness

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Thank you for joining me here on The Dosha Life podcast,  this is Kelly Marie Mills, Yoga Ayurveda Living specialist, for wellness seekers and happiness curators and for those looking for tools, tips and remedies from the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.