The Dosha Life

Karma Yoga, Chakra favourites

February 08, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 7 Episode 1
The Dosha Life
Karma Yoga, Chakra favourites
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For most of us we often are doing karma yoga and yet do not recognise it as such..but it is that random act of kindness, the voluntary work, the effort we do for those we love. I offer a little insight from what I have learned in my effort to practice Karma Yoga.
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Kelly Marie Mills: 0:00

This is the dosha life, a podcast for wellness seekers and happiness curators interested in tools tip and remedies coming from the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda...I am Kelly Marie mills from Yoga Ayurveda Living, welcome to my happy place! 

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This is series 7 episode 1...a meander into the basis of the chakra system with Kelly Marie Mills from Yoga Ayurveda Living

Hi all, we start with an open top bus tour...did you ever get a chance to do one of those? ...omg they are amazing - I had a chance to do this twice in Edinburgh and twice in London...i guess my karma wanted to repeat something there, but i think it was the freedom of not having to make decisions about where i would visit! And this is what you get!

Anyhow...first i want to thank those of you have have rated and recently review this podcast...i can't explain how kind i think you are to give me a great rating and I know how much effort it can take to place your words into a space i really am very grateful - but for me, this podcast is a bit of karma yoga - my continuous lesson in doing something i love without expectation of approval, appreciation, or monetary gain. And I think that's been key to how heart felt it hits when I hear your voice back to me ..including wonderful kind reviews, high ratings, whatsapp message, donations and emails! 

For most of us we often are doing karma yoga and yet do not recognise it as such..but it is that random act of kindness, the voluntary work, the effort we do for those we love...and then as we deepen our focus and look to why we do this or that, the key starts to turn. And we apply a new fold to the old action. You can consider your actions like this perhaps: 

I am practicing this effort; put it whatever it is you are doing without any expectation of something in return; because I want to do this for all of us. I am practicing this to offer what i can to the wider world of goodness, i am practicing this effort like the earth offers trees and summer breezes...because it is what she does. I am practicing this because I am here and I am blessed. I am practicing this because it is what I do. 

Anyway that's a big digression but a little bit of how this podcast has begun to unfold. My initial drive was a need to do this thing, to talk about Ayurveda and yoga, to let others enjoy a gal who likes to talk about stuff she has learned and really gets a kick out of sharing it….and now i see the benefit of how karma yoga changes our internal core processors, not that we are anything like computers or anything like it - because thankfully as humans we feel it's a pretty wild thing when you realize how lucky you are!

Okay so, enough procrastination, my best friend indeed has been

The chakra system. It was how my own journey into yoga teaching began through the chakra system…

A chakra itself means a wheel...a wheel of energy is a part of our whole being, it is only a small part of a great field of study in the knowledge of life. Here we find this material body is the most gross expression and manifestation of each individual body mind spirit. 

When we combine yoga and Ayurveda we begin to see great clarity in the use of the word holistic - meaning not just this body, but this breath, this mind /emotion, this wisdom, this consciousness…

I am sure some of you remember back in the day, the old encyclopedia books or tomes of information,sometimes holding those weird little bugs, the silverfish bugs that eat paper??eek..but yah, my fathers encyclopedias of 1972 had a lot of those in them by the time I came to look at them. Of Course I started at A and needed up in the anatomy part…. they had these translucent plastic pages that as they show the bones, the skeletal system in moderate detail , you turn to the next page, and ligaments show up, then the muscles and tendons..

then the cardiovascular system, respiratory each was layered upon each other until and at the end you see the skin as the outer later / the last envelope of our body containing, supporting and protecting our internal body, our vital organs…our essence of life. 

The science of Ayurveda and yoga see this body from a different beginning,

...we do not start with the physical, because we are birthed from a spark of unity of two souls, we are born of light- 

and so we come from consciousness, movement, heat, moisture, material substance...the five elements - and so as our system unites and becomes more defined from that initial spark, we become this soul seeking information and knowledge to overcome our karmas, to overcome and transcend or let go of our crutches, our limiting beliefs our conditionings ...and many were given to us, but remember Ayurveda and Yoga there is no fault associated with understanding. Understanding helps us find a path to freedom...whereas association to fault…. leads us to path of emotional bondage …..which is not freedom

Okay that was a deep moment...but sometimes I do have these bits that just hit the correct theme! 

Let’s start and you can ask me for clarity anytime just send me an email to or

I love hearing from you guys, and you can meet me on instagram..oh! FYI - I soon start  another competition for treatments on my instagram page @kelly_marie_mills 

The chakras are seven energy centers where a whole lot of stuff happens..and these centers can help to point towards ways of healing ourselves just with small tweaks of, our awareness, our mindset, our meditation, pratyahara, our physical balance, our breathing...and if you think one of those is more important than the the are right, but which one? 

Yep, awareness. 

Most of yoga and Ayurveda is about awareness. Where are feet now? How is your small finger? Which nostril are you breathing out of? 

Can you feel your right eyelid? 

Where in your body are you breathing from?

Breathe in .

Breathe out.

Here you are.

Like I keep saying, Yoga and Ayurveda are coming from a spiritual practice of self evolution. Most humans are spiritually inclined but all of course in various and wild ways. Yoga and Ayurveda found spirituality through the study of the samkhya system, a system of enumeration. Beginning to really come from pure consciousness , it being the field of life itself. Purusha or pure consciousness is the precursor to the moment life begins. 

Because we are a part of this field of pure consciousness, we are always one with it, we just as humans forget 99%of the time. But pure consciousness gives us many opportunities to be opened into the truth of our life, our dharma, compassion and unconditional love. We have plenty of time in our life to create our own joy and sacred moments. Looking at a book, lighting a fire, sweeping the floor - all can be sacred..depending on the attribute to which we offer daily tasks. 

We use our slow and methodical personal development or what yoga calls 

self study, internal inquiry as a way to connect into a journey towards our innate potential...our limitless ness, our power of kundalini. We do not need to be a leader of spiritual awakening to have such evolution meet our lives…

like i was trying to express at the beginning of this..I found my effort of learning Karma yoga seems to have found its way after many years to meet me in strength. It was through an inquiry to why I am always so grateful and appreciate the effort taken by those who thank me for this podcast...that I realized ...karma yoga has changed my view too. And this is a very small example - the simple daily practices we hold dear to our heart and share with others… It is this that gives us the most heartfelt benefit. Do you know what I mean? Then I get all tangled into knots, because I do a bit of my own advertising in this podcast now..and I feel I just have to let that voice go too. 

A large part of what is important about the chakra system is that it is connected to the nadis. 

Yes ...This amazing energy matrix, called the nadis is the flow of our subtle fluid energy field, the connection to our spark of birth, our unity to universal life can think of it as your personal subtle body and a lot of people would consider this a part of your Aura - because our subtle body extends beyond this physical body...for anyone not sure if this sits well with their belief system. Just think of when someone comes very close to you and you want to step back away from them. It feels like they are in your personal space but they may only be 4 inches or 6 inches away from you… they are in fact moving into your subtle energy body, so it feels a bit uncomfortable ...that is unless you welcome them with open arms. 

Sometimes we can feel uncomfortable with certain attributes of a person far away from us..we suddenly want to leave the room or duck and dive to keep ourselves free from their energy field. The more sensitive you grow, the more you learn to honor this inner notification, the more you understand that your body has deep inner wisdom ..the more we listen, the more we understand. It is the quieter practices of yoga that give us this hearing aide. Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, dhyana...breathing, quieting the senses, concentration, meditation...all heal our overactive mind and allow our inner voice to show up more.

For today what we need to know, is that the nadis are channels in a vast subtle communication system within and around each being, that connect to the main energy centers in the energetic body….these energy centers  happen to correlate with the physical bodies endocrine system - or the glands and hormonal and hypothalamus functions - but for all that it relates to in the physical body...make no mistake, the chakras are not something to be balanced by physical manipulations - they are only energetic and thus are our super power —hee hee joking...but they are really - they are an internal force that when we combine awareness, intention, and our spirit into a deep driving desire...things can manifest beyond what our personality mind believes is possible. 

So to just add a bit more to that last statement ..because i do believe there is often not enough said about this… Ayurveda and Yoga see the physical body as one small aspect of the larger being that you are.

In the larger view...we have three bodies or shariras.

We have the material, the subtle and the causal. 

The subtle body is sandwiched between the two others ...there is no doubt to me that is not just a fluke..the universe doesn’t do fluke very well, if at all. 


The subtle body can help change everything. EVERYTHING.

So. See. An easy example : you begin a yoga class. You enjoy it. Your teacher asks you to try to begin a small practice at home for yourself. You're excited and you start. But when life gets busy you drop it and there is a nagging at the back of your mind, almost unheard and definitely you try to to ignore it..and it keeps saying , can we do that yoga again today? It felt pretty good. Can we try meditation again even though we didn’t always enjoy it...remember she said we wouldn’t always. Enjoy it, but that the practice was about the experience of it..where we felt it as good or bad, it was a way of holding a space for our own unique self. ….and one day, no matter how long it takes we do eventually listen again and this is the point the subtle body comes in...over and over we work build awareness, and when we e do that we connect into Both side of our sandwich, we meet our physical body who struggles to release from needing and wanting strong experiences to feel alive! And connect with our causal body, the part of us that is effervescence itself...our limitless ness - this part of us that is our biggest cheerleader, the knowing of Oneness...the cause of all things in our life, before our life and after our life...and through this subtle body we communicate through our whole being - and the subtle body is where the chakras live...the chakras are an integral part of our whole health.

If our chakras are deeply out of balance the residual effect shows in our material body- the five elements, the three doshas and of course all the body systems - there are three ways of healing...from one end of sandwich to the other, or starting from the middle and extending to both ends...this is how Ayurveda works...we use the subtle body as a means to reach into our patterns and conditionings, which effects our material body and at the same time, we take information from our causal body,we continue to use intention and fluid energy from our life source, and the healing begins before we even realize it. 

How healing shows up is different for everyone and their karma…

So with all that week we cover chakra one and what does feeling uprooted, what does a global pandemic do to this chakra ? Hmmm...think of how an earthquake affects a house of cards, it all depends on the foundations it was placed upon. 

Thank you for listening, if you would please rate and review to help bring this podcast out a wider audience of like minded people...and connect with me by clicking on the links in the show notes, 

And I look forward to chatting to you in the next episode…