The Dosha Life

She's Back with Series 7 quick Introduction x

February 03, 2022 Kelly Marie Mills Season 7 Episode 1
The Dosha Life
She's Back with Series 7 quick Introduction x
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Kelly returns with some of the news up I talk to Paul Congdon on his Positive Life magazine, and we begin the deep dive into the Chakra system. 
Positive Life - How to be Happy

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Kelly Marie Mills 0:00
This is the dosha life, a podcast for wellness seekers and happiness curators interested in tools tip and remedies coming from the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda...I am Kelly Marie mills from Yoga Ayurveda Living, welcome to my happy place! 

Kelly is back...yes I am, 

Its taken a while to get me back in this seat, but we start this series 7 with a lovely conversation with Paul Congdon from the Positive Life magazine..what an amazing story he tells of how his life changed with one chance that he grabbed with gusto.

Next in series 7 I cover the chakra system, which is used in Yoga and Ayurveda healing and awareness. Considering it is my most favourite theme to teach from, something I can talk about off the top of my head, i definately had writers block during the last few weeks. There was a big sense of foundering and some bit of soul searching going on after Christmas. 

Thankfully there has been a shift of energy and so here we are. I do want to say thank you for joining me whenever you get here, and if you want to help this podcast reach further a field, download the episodes, give it a rating, and if possible a review - thank you lovelies 

Just to add that due to other projects, there will definately be the Tuesday episodes for the series, and there may be extras dropped in on a Friday ...I am going to play it by ear and timing..heehee if you get me. However it all un folds, lets take life with a lighter rein, and be there to support our own personal power, to not overdo for the sake of others, but to do things to build our own happiness..and this will cover all our bases! 

Most of all ...

May we all find peace in our every stopping moment. 

The best way to support this podcast is to download the episodes, rate it when you can, and pop in a a short review...Thank you for the encouragement, and I look forward to chatting to you in the next episode